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Kamloops Commercial Glass Installations

Thompson Valley Glass is a new small family-based business just breaking onto the glass and aluminum construction /service scene. We are based locally in Kamloops, British Columbia. Founded in 2023, T-V-G is lead, owned and operated by Evan Klapstein who comes from a large family of career Commercial Glaziers, (architectural glass and aluminum technicians, for those unfamiliar with the term). As a new up and comer, T-V-G is the little guy on the block with great aspirations of becoming a leader in providing superior, friendly and professional glazing services. As we venture into new territory, one thing is for certain, we will be making an impact with our dedication to customer satisfaction, top quality installs and exceptional advanced performance specializing in tasks that involve intricacy and a need for precision.





Thompson Valley Glass's roots began with Evan apprenticing in the Vancouver and surrounding area at the age of 18 as an apprentice spending a decade erecting many smaller but intricate and prestigious buildings to colossal glass structures working alongside many of the most reputable glass companies and very best glaziers and contractors all over the province. He received his inter-provincial Red Seal certification Diploma on the 15th of October, 2007, at the young age of 22 years old working as a lead hand on various projects and was soon running his own crew as a site foreman by his mid 20's. By the end of 2011 Evan moved away from big city life and the second chapter of our glass journey began.


It was in Kamloops where Evan could devote much more of his time to his family, while spending much of his spare time enjoying the great outdoors. He began working on smaller scale projects beginning at the Thompson Rivers University Old Main Building renovation in 2012 and then primarily working on new homes and smaller commercial construction sites all over the BC interior while acting as a project manager and servicing many local business's and residents in between. With two decades of extensive experience as a construction leader on award winning architecture, from high end custom homes to numerous high rise skyscrapers, multiple skytrain stations, convention centers, community centers, border crossings, university's, airports, hotels, condominiums, skylights, mall fronts and storefronts, to custom shower glass installations, wine rooms, railings, fixing old dilapidated storefront entry's and changing out sealed units from all types of window systems, from the one of a kind to obsolete, from new construction to demolition and renovation there was little left for Evan to achieve in the glass construction industry, with the exception of owning and operating his very own glass company.


Which takes us to the next chapter... enter Thompson Valley Glass!


At T-V-G, We uphold the importance and value of the Red-seal Trade certification program in the highest regard and being recognized as a trained professional  inter-provincially, Canada-wide through proper training is something many glass companies do not. Our trade knowledge and experience is exceedingly diversified in all aspects of the glazing industry and have the credentials to prove it. We aim to serve our community, contractors and clients with nothing but the highest level of professionalism and workmanship. We appreciate the value of the hard earned dollar and a satisfied paying customer is of the utmost importance. We can assure you that by calling Thompson Valley Glass you are acquiring a knowledgeable technician and services upheld to the highest standards, offering a wide variety of quality glass products and exceptional results. Safety is always of the highest priority and should never be compromised. We deliver a value for the dollar that is tough to beat. Don't pay high shop rates for mediocre results. Give Thompson Valley Glass a chance and see why many are now making us their preferred choice in Glass!


Kamloops Glazier Vancouver

Shaw Tower
Circa 2004

 Significant Projects down Memory Lane
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